Our Partnerships

Heartstrings is presently bringing our music program to the Highlands School District/ Highlands Recreation Center. Heartstrings is providing after school programs where students have the opportunity to engage in-group lessons for singing, instruments and song writing. We have a Spring/Summer 2022 program scheduled to take place in person. 

Heartstrings will be partnering with Little Rockers, Shrewsbury, NJ. We will be offering a music program for underprivileged children ages 1-4. 

We were offering two days a week at our partner, New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health, in Marlboro NJ prior to the pandemic hitting. There are usually up to 30 adolescents who receive instruction. New Hope is a residential program for addicted adolescents. The program is extremely successful. We will be resuming in the upcoming months now that the pandemic guidelines are being lifted. 

Heartstrings is partnering with The Mya Lin Terry Foundation, Oakhurst, NJ. We will be offering individual scholarships to the victims or siblings of children who have dealt with cancer. 

Heartstrings, through Christopher Tomaino and Count Basie Center for the Arts, will be offering a drum circle at Luther Memorial Church, Tinton Falls, NJ. This program is being offered for children with special needs.

Heartstrings is currently offering 8 Individual Scholarships to economically disadvantaged and at-risk individuals. 


Help our nonprofit by supporting us with donations! Donations made to Heartstrings go towards our mission to provide music lessons to those who cannot afford them. Help us bring the gift of music to all with a donation! 


We are always sharing nonprofit updates and announcements on our social media pages. Please follow us to stay updated and never miss an announcement from our team! @heartstringsmusicnj


Attend our events to enjoy great music, support our mission and enjoy community! We host regular events to showcase our students and their talents and you are invited! Check back here for the details on upcoming events.


If you love music and love to share your time, reach out to us about volunteering with our nonprofit! We would love to have you be a part of our team.

Heartstrings Inc.'s goal is To Work With Economically Disadvantaged And Potentially At-Risk Individuals Who Would Greatly Benefit From A Music Program Which Encompasses Artist Development To Enhance Their Lives.

Join us to help them through these trying times and continue to make a difference in their lives. Any donation will be appreciated. Thank you for your generous contributions!


Economically disadvantaged and potentially at-risk individuals would greatly benefit from a music program which encompasses artist development to enhance their lives. Along with positive reinforcements, it will give them the experience of the power of music healing one heart string at a time.

"Music is a universal language that sheds the tears, then soothes the soul to open the heart to the amazing power of healing one heart string at a time”

– Jody Joseph Bongiovi, Founder of Heartstrings
Jody  Joseph Bongiovi
Founder and President
Diana E. Widmann
Vice President
Courtney Russomanno
Board Member
Patricia Liberati
Board Member
Pastor Jace Detrie
Board Member
Anthony Catalina
Board Member
Christopher Siedlecki
Richard Palmer
Chad Morales
Music Instructor

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